/ The brand

Tick and flea repellents usually mean chemicals. Thanks to ingenious innovation, not anymore.  Tickless ultra-sonic devices use technology and are designed to protect pets and kids from ticks and fleas. Obviously even an ingenious and innovative product needs a catchy design package that throws itself off the shelf.


/ Packaging

Tickless will not be seen on billboards or on TV any time soon, so we figured that it will have to sell itself from the shelves of already colorful pet-supply stores. The idea behind the Tickless package is the product itself. You see what you get. And what you get is seen in the relevant company of kids or pets.

/ Happy dogs

A tickless dog is a happy dog. The print campaign shows extremely happy dogs being extremely happy on the wonderful photos by Julia Christe in Hamburg. She shows dogs of different breeds from a new and compelling perspective. In case you worried, in the photoshoot no dogs were harmed. On the contrary. Julia’s assistants hold the happy dogs and helps the effect with a wind-machine, they are not actually flying in the air.


/ Web Design

The aim was to give Tickless a flawless, simple and straightforward character on its website as on other
platforms. Visit them now and get a Tickless device for your kids, your pets or for yourself.