Rapidophen was a newcomer in an already overpopulated market fo headache-killers. According to our concept Rapidophen figures illustrate everyday nuisances that aggravate regular headaches making your life miserable – all this told in a song brought to life by animated characters.


/ Character Design

The characters were based on regular personalities, people we all know and everyday problems we all have. We wanted simple two dimensional characters with funny little moves created by Digital Apes, an animation studio with tons of experience in cartoon development. The most memorable of the cartoon heroes is the guy with the phone dying. This one was based on our own graphic designer.


/ Message

A painkiller is the most effective when it is at hand. If you suffer from regular headaches, be sure you are preapared. Always be equipped with a modern, efficient headache pill.


/ Results

Thanks to the catchy tune and the funny characters addressing real problems, and the insight driven message they carried, Rapidophen went from zero to more than 20 % nationwide recognition in just a few months.

/ Poster Design

The recognizable characters went on to live their own lives on different materials. From POS to print to outdoor.