/ The Task

We were asked by Stabilo to create a series of product films creating a unified experience yet covering a diverse spectrum of product types. The videos were meant to educate the different uses and entertain across a wide range of available media like facebook, youtube and instagram.

/ The challange

The uniqueness of the task lay in the fact that Stabilo products vary in terms of usage, experience and target group. We decided that by impersonating Stabilo we can create an distinguishable style while differentiating by type. We imagined their own abstract world and built different sets for each product type.


/ The Product story

Stabilo tools are true friends to people who use them. Lets bring them to life.

point88 studio is more sophisticated from a design point of view
Boss products are the real stars, so they live in the world of glamour
Easy pencils belong in the world of a school classroom
Pen68 is all about the variety of colors so a wardrobe seemed the best place to go.

We had to imagine the characters to the last gesture. How does a pencil act?
What does a woman highlighter say to her man? The answers are all there on the screen.
We designed an environment that is realistic in its own absurd way.

/ Set Design

The aim was to create a world thet reflects on the hand-centered world of STABILO. Focusing on craft, we wanted to be able to touch it, feel it. We imagined the world of the respective tools. Pen 68 offers a variety of glossy colors so we walk you through a massive wardrobe with a long list of colors. point88 invites us into his somewhat pretentious, sophisticated studio where he creates with the legendary pen. The Bosses are our oldest friends. The STABILO invention from 1971 presents itself in front of a photowall set alight by flashes. Easy Start is a family of pencils that helps kids learn to write so we are privy to a school classroom with product features indicated on the board.


/ The masks

By working together with professional mock-up and puppet builders we came up with unique solutions for the complex task. At last the masks were born. Real people managed to get inside them, we got the shapes and the scale right.