/ Free Your True Colors Music Video

As a new age group, 18-22 emerged into their focus, STABILO looked to us to establish a campaign strategy that would be relevant for a generation that is insensitive to all classical advertising especially TV.
We landed on a simple and powerful direction.  We came to the conclusion that a music video could take the place of classic advertising. We dropped all classical forms and went for a video, started from scratch, devised a brand new band, a new song and a colorful clip that would carry the same messages as an ad but talk directly to the new generations’ taste and habits.
With subtle brand and product placement and special attention to brand attributes, such as colors and craft we went on to produce Free Your True Colors.
Even better than the 9 million views it brought in, there were comments on YouTube reaffirming our strategy such as: „marketing done right.“


/ The Production

We found the band Battle. They performed a great song. Then we hired a top creative team, choreographers, dancers, set designers, the Barcelona filmmaker collective KinoPravda and set out to create a colorful, visually compelling music video with subtle product and brand placement. The video and the connecting social media promotion earned more than 9 million hits online.


/ Set Design

STABILO is an analogue brand in a digital world. We wanted this factor to carry through in the set design and focused on craft and a sense of being hand-made as opposed to too much weight on digital. We teamed up with some the best set designers and came up with a fantasy world where gritty urban landscapes mix with images familiar from musicals and then dive head-first into an imaginary factory where the legendary STABILO point88s are being magically manufactured. Subtle branding elements work their way into the image throughout the spot which emerges as a whirlwind of colors and visual adventure.


/ Wardrobe Design

Budapest fashion collective USE UNUSED worked closely with set designer Heni to create a unique dream world to dress and surround the heroine, an imaginary girl who arrives into an unsophisticated world turning everything into colors.


/ Music and lyrics

Battle came up with the winning tune after a long process of three different musicians pitching for the job. We wrote the lyrics together, looking for the right balance between meaningful content and signs of brand strategy. Soon after launching the campaign radios started playing the song with great success.


/ THE BATTLE the band


/ Acoustic Video

The song lives a life of its own, being featured on radios and so we decided to go for an acoustic version. The raw acoustic song deserves an honest and raw setting so we shot this in the raw filmset in empty spaces while shooting.