/ Stabilo Campaign 2016

The essentials of STABILO’s main line of comunication is decided annually, planned way ahead and then carried through all the means of communication. They produce “Key Visuals” that set the visuality and the tone of international communication and is distributed to each of up to 40  countries involved in their key network.

The development of key visuals was trusted upon us and we set out to produce them with great attention to every tiny detail. Together with STABILO we researched behavioral patterns in the target demographic: pre- and elementary schoolkids and their parents.


Campaign elements in action


/ Photoshoot

We juxtaposed the dreamworld with real-life people and teamed up with one of the finest photographers to get the right balance between aesthetic quality, structure and dynamism. The unified pictures turned out to be gems of storytelling that can now be spread across all communication platforms and adapted throughout the international STABILO system.


/ Background

As background to our stories we created a world that is familiar but inspiring at the same time. We kept imagining and drawing and coloring and then 90 percent of what we did eventually landed in the paper basket so what remained was only the cream of the cream. The mixture of dreams and fantasies and even realities of kids of different ages came to life