In 2014 STABILO launched an innovative product that is a step forward from their familiar analogue world. A stylus-like pen that works together with tablets and assists kids in learning the fine-motor movements needed for writing and other delicate tasks.

/ The Back Story

Fitting in with STABILO’s vision of looking after the next generation of stationery users they took up the scientific approach and at the same time teamed up with a game-developer. The result was an interactive game  Monster Zoo for pre-school kids, where they could learn and develop fine motor skills while playing with monsters on a tablet screen with an e-pen. STABILO invited us to help launch the product that was at the moment „naked“, right off the assembly line. This is a STABILO product that we can call our child entirely as we devised the full scale of communicational material that you encounter fro the shelves to TV to online.


/ Packaging design

We asked the question, what are the competitors in the market. Are they the similar products in the market or everything else the core demographic would encounter in the same environment? We went out on a tour of reasearch, looking at everything from toys through stationery to electronic entertainment gadgets. Everything that might be in the competitive sphere, not just competing products.

We came up with a catchy, colorful logo and package design in accordance with our findings and STABILO brand values. And of course a smart name: Smart Junior.


/ TV Spot

As the imaginary creatures are essential to Smart Junior we decided to give them a leading role in our educational TVC. The resulting spot combined live vignettes of kids playing with their best friends, the animated monsters.  They stroke them and pat them and do all the basic moves you are supposed to do in the actual game, except way out of proportion!


/ Print and poster

We came up with the headline: Holding The Hands Of The Next Generation. We applied the imagery of the package and the TVC on posters for retail venues. We designed the displays and additional merchandizing items.