A corporate consulting group formed by a Hungarian, a German and an Irish business school graduate living in Abu Dhabi, London and Dublin respectively, was looking for a partner to help their dream company Serrano99 come to life. Serrano99 was an address in Madrid, where the three of them took classes together. Can this story get any more international?


/ The design

We started by experimenting with all possible visual illustrations of their core strategical vision: positive psychology. We wanted to make them look respectable, believable but a bit playful and human at the same time. After long discussions in person and even longer skype conferences we arrived at a very simple and powerful identity. Serrano99, we argued, is a secondary brand. This means they service clients that are mainly interested in the promotion of their own brands, so Serrano99, in its appearance, makes the generous and elegant gesture  of hiding a little bit.


/ The branding

The brand in itself is a message to prospective clients. They will rely on you for some of their most important decisions while coping with everyday problems of growth and management. You need to look like you have the answers. In our design and appearance we tried to express an air of respectability, expertise but innovation, creativity and some spiritual devotion as well to your vision. We created a delicate balance between these factors and the result is a n identity that works on the long term and is adaptable for everyday usage in Serrano99’s communications.


/ The web

Serrano99 appears as an expert company wth conservative features but their innovative spirit shines through the functional and down-to-earth design of their webpages.