/ My little garden branding

Vinasse is a natural fertilizer that may be used for your favorite house-plants. My Little Garden comes in different forms for different plants and brings life into your home. Your favorite plants will be grateful for a fully natural, plant friendly nutrient.

/ Product story

A leading alcohol factory, Győri Szesz discovered a secondary use for one of their by-products called vinasse, normaly disposed of as waste. So Vinasse was reborn as a product aimed at houshold plants as fertilizer. It contains natural ingredients, it is bio-degradable.

/ Packaging

We aimed at a target group that gives great value to their plants at home. Plants are like pets or family members, hence the greater than life illustration of plants on the label. Giant tomatoes and roses grow out of the ground. Named, designed and packaged by Spatium but inspired by giant plants in fairy tales like Jack and the Beanstalk.

Seeing the product selection in stores around the market we noticed that most relevant products look way too serious and scientific. We subscribe to the notion that growing and grooming flowers is fun. We experimented with a more playful, fairy-tale like concept. This made My Little Garden “jump off the shelves”.

/ Big pack for vegies

Grow your own delicious food.

The original range for flowers was followed by a bigger package for your vegetables. Vinasse is not for fun only but for food! Delicious for your veggies, delicious for you. Yumm!

/ Billboard

The Vinasse attitude of playfulness was carried through the visual designs. We opted for a new approach in billboard design, namely to use billboards and other OOH devices to decorate the city as opposed to the usual visual pollution attributed to billboards.


/ Print

Inspired by our own package design and the opportunities presented by a rich color-palette we decided to carry the idea further and grow our flowers out of proportion. This shows brilliantly on pages of glossy magazines.


/ Web Design

A website for this kind of product should have some educational value, should be informative and supply you with ideas even if you are not a professional in plant-growing. And of course it needs to sell. We grew Vinasse’s website organically along the above mentionned lines, just like a plant and provided outlets to other brands of the same alcohol company.