/ Minicat branding

Cat’s Tongue chocolate was already a classical internationally famous and especially popular treat in Hungary. As the rebranding process went on we suggested to split the product range. Keep Cat’s Tongue as a youthful, friendly brand and create a sub-brand especially designed for kids. Colourful, cartoon inspired packages of six fit easily in any schoolbag. The packages are covered by stories of Minicat characters to keep kids busy while eating delicious Macskanyelv chocolates.


/ Poster Design

Minicat print material is based closely on the package design. Colorful, cheerful and lively – just like the chocolate. Minicats use Cat’s Tongue shaped objects like surfboards, for fun. For prints we came up with a reverse headline: Milk chocolate made of real Cat’s Tongue.

/ Product Packaging

Different packages come with different personalities and characters made engaging with mini-stories and character-traits. The six-pack was designed with kids’ habits in mind. The adventurous Minicat characters are all different and adaptable to individualtastes and occasions.

/ Character Design

We asked an illustrator known for her children’s books to develop the characters along with their mini-stories. Each Minicat has a well thought-out background story written in an engaging, child friendly tone. The Cat’s Tongue chocolate itself is always integrated into the characters’ world making it part of the adventure.


/ Web Design

Minicat’s long term strategy required us to reach out to audiences and keep them connected. A minisite inviting kids to be part of the Minicats’ world, learn more about the Minicat characters and play with the mini-games. Here kids can get a glimpse of the complete minicat world, see all the characters at once, encouraging them to fill in their collection of packages.