/ Macskanyelv branding

Cat’s Tongue is an internationally known classic chocolate especially popular in Hungary. Karamell, the owner of the brand came to us to rethink the brand keeping its original tonality and cheerful character. Karamell owned a brand that was unique in the sense that a whole generation felt it belonged to them. In our branding strategy we decided to follow this ownership principle.


/ Packaging

Since Macskanyelv belonged to all of us we decided this must reflect in the packaging. We created a unique and very simple line of packs where pictures of different people (and dogs) appeared on the front. We would open up the possibilities for everyone to show themselves on the packaging. The Cat’s Tongue itself showed on the picture standing in for a tongue.


/ Campaign

Built on the “shoot out your tongue at the world” headline that first appeared ion the back of the packs, the campaign was built on activation. Appearing on several platforms from posters to online it encouraged you to be irreverent towards authority and everyday nuisances. It also encouraged you to be fearless and express yourself. For example by sending in or uploading your picture so you have a fair chance to appear on one of the packages or, if your portrait sadly didn’t make it to the package, to win lots and lots of chocolate.