/ Amei branding

This is a brand new product. In fact it is a new type of product so we really took off from the basement. The name Amei came from fantasy but then someone reminded us that it sounds like the word sweet in Japanese. The basic starting points were simplicity and an elegant, exclusive look. An ideal gift and an ideal delicacy.


/ Logo Development

Amei is honey made better. We elected to stick to the basics. There is nothing simpler and more natural than honey so we went for the basic shape of the beehive cell. You can follow the process and see how the details work out and make a difference even in such a simple construct.


/ Product Packaging

With a product like Amei /named by Spatium/, dried fruits floating in a honey nirvana, you don’t want design to cover your beautiful product. So we went into the ‘Less-is-more’ direction and designed this minimalist package that is as transparent as possible showing the wide range of Amei products from dried mango to sour cherry – all in honey.


/ Amei Web Design

Fruit made attractive, honey made attractive, Amei made super attractive! Spatium created this comprehensive, easy to use, simple web page for Amei. The aim is to show the range in the most appetizing way possible and add a drop of education too, telling you how you can eat Amei – for maximum pleasure. The intention is to be informative, tell you the story of the different fruits and honeys and be visually attractive at the same time.