/ Stabilo Packaging

STABILO stationery tools are divided into three basic ranges: Coloring, writing and highlighting. Spatium redesigned the whole coloring range, the most important product type for young kids and students (obviously getting more and more essential for adults as adult coloring became an overwhelming phenomenon in recent years). Coloring consists of 13 different products. Each of them got a unique and lively personality.


We wanted vivid action scenes to cover the packages. But at the same time we attempted to create a clear and simple, straightforward imagery maintaining STABILO brand values.

/ The Procedure

Typical scenes were being casted from real life and the imagination of children to create imaginative, story-like yet realistic sequences. Dozens of scenarios were brought up but only the few best ones were brought to life.


/ Drawings

Coloring packages come to life with colorful personalities fitting the target audiences. Cartoon-like, typical figures help us identify with the different products lending the range an indistinguishable character.


/ Why is it good for kids

The coloring range offers tools to fulfill kids imagination on whatever surface they choose to use. Will it be paper or a scrapbook or the table around the paper or windows, it will build their confidence in self-expression and give them freedom in bringing imagination and ideas to reality. Kids drawings are still-images of certain phases of their development, at times much more real and expressive than photos or video.