/ Chocolate cherry liqueurs

Go back to 1884 for when Emile Gerbaud, a Swiss confectioner who found a new home in Hungary, founder of the famous Cafe Gerbaud, a Budapest landmark still, invented Cherry Liqueur, a confectionery that became extremely popular with Hungarians ever since. A piece of sour cherry preserved in brandy and then coated with the finest chocolate.

/ Branding

Cherry Liqueur comes in multiple forms, owned by different brands but most of them are manufactured in automated factories. The one and only hand made Cherry Liqueur was owned and produced by Karamell, a confectionery company. They asked us to rebrand the classical product and lift it up to the position it deserves.


/ The secret

Cherry Liqueur goes back a long-long way. Before the introduction of sugar fruits were preserved in alcohol. Cherry Liqueur confectioneries were left off the pages of cookbooks, probably because the recipe was kept a secret.


/ Poster design

Our approach was to take all abundant elements away and present the chocolate in a plain and clean environment. The stand alone, singular Cherry Liqueur represents a unique and valuable form of confectionery. The elegance of the original Cherry Liqueur is underlined by the hand presenting it. It is all about hands. Made by hand, served by hand.


/ Web Design

Cherry Liqueur has planty of stories behind it. An ideal surface to share these stories with the interested part of the audience was the website. The stories about the origins of Cherry Liqueur, the stories about the Swiss family Gerbaud, the adventures of some other staples of Hungarian confectionery history all found their way to visitors of the site in a compelling, visualy interesting and interactive way.